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Smoke Free City * Video
October 25, 2005 ABC 7 Chicago

Up in smoke
October 17, 2005 Crains

Smoking ordinance good for workers, biz, reputation
October 17, 2005 Crains

Bartender urges smoking ban
October 13, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Showdown on city smoking ban delayed
October 6, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago likely to OK indoor smoking ban
September 30, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Smoking foes again pressure Daley for ban
September 29, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Armed with results of poll, smoking foes push anew for ban
September 16, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Two smoke-free years
August 7, 2005 New York Times

Local businesses weigh in on proposed smoking ban
July 28, 2005 Pioneer Press

As a pastime, smoking has become passe
July 20, 2005 Chicago Tribune

Ditka tackles ban on smoking
July 13, 2005 Chicago Tribune

Where there’s smoking, there’s fire
July 13, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Seeking a ‘win-win’ on smoke ban
July 12, 2005 Chicago Tribune

Toxic air: Voice of the people
July 12, 2005 Chicago Tribune

Sick of smoke: Voice of the people
July 12, 2005 Chicago Tribune

Smoking ban won’t hurt business, alderman says
July 11, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

End the wait: Letters to the editor
July 11, 2005 Crain’s Chicago Business

Ill. Restaurant Assn. needs to get out from behind smoke screen
July 11, 2005 Crain’s Chicago Business

Chicago alderman introduces smoke-free ordinance
June 30, 2005 NW Indiana Times

Sweeping plan douses smoking
June 30, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

Aldermen act to ban smoking – Proposal would make restaurants, bars smoke-free
June 30, 2005 Chicago Tribune

Sociedad Americana del C.ncer lanza la campaOa Chicago Libre de Humo
June 24, 2005 La Raza

Nick Digilio talks with Dr. Milo Barrera, president of the board of directors for the American Cancer Society, about the smoke-free Chicago initiative
June 5, 2005 Nick at Night, WGN Radio
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Don’t Hold Your Breath
May 26, 2005 Reader

Secondhand smoke can hurt chances of getting pregnant, research shows
May 26, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times

New life is breathed into city smoking ban
May 6, 2005 Chicago Tribune

New Chicago Poll: Majority of voters call secondhand smoke”A serious health threat”; want Chicago to go smoke-free
September 15, 2005

Smoke-Free Ordinance Introduced Into Chicago City Council
June 29, 2005

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